As with any new device, the Vaporesso Revenger X mod and standard mod have come up against some technological challenges. A quick skim through Vaporesso Revenger reviews proves that many of these issues can be easily addressed. But if you find yourself stuck, here are a few quick fixes to get your mod back up and running in no time.

Got Revenger Mod Problems? Start Here

Troubleshooting a mod that’s not working can often be as easy as doing a quick Google search; however, as we all know this isn’t always the case. Below we’ve listed three of the most common problems Vaporesso’s Revenger vape mod faces and how to fix ’em.

1. Getting Enough Power
Perhaps the biggest issue faced by users of the Vaporesso Revenger have to do with the sheer amount of power required to keep it going. This is definitely not a device that you want to use with cheap batteries. Do your research ahead of time and make sure that the batteries you buy are capable of handling the high draw demands of this device. While we’re talking about it, we highly recommend buying your batteries from Sony, Samsung or LG. Don’t fall for a rewrapping scam that could leave you with less power than advertised. Aim for a true 30A battery with at least 3000 mAh of capacity.

2. Screen Issues
Another common complaint we see about the Revenger has to do with the screen and buttons. Vaporesso packed a lot of information and functions into this device, including haptic feedback as you move through the menus. Unfortunately, this has also caused some frustration for users who have struggled to adjust the backlighting and the button colors. We found that some users accidentally cause the device to go into lockdown mode when accidentally bumping the firing button. While this feature is intended to keep you safe from misfires, it can also be a hassle. All you have to do is click the firing button three quick times to unlock your device and get back to the menu.

3. Coil Connections
For some users, there have been coil connection issues with the Revenger vaping device. For the most part, there is no sign that this is a major design flaw. It was relatively easy to take the pieces apart and gently dust out the threads to make a better connection.

While most Vaporesso Revenger issues are easy to fix, it is also important to recognize that this is an advanced mod designed for expert vapers. Problems with the coils often have to do with the quality of your coil build. You should also be familiar with how to assess a battery for the power draw you will need with such a high powered device before you buy.