3 Main Reasons to Always Have Replacement Pods Ready for Vaping

If you’re using an open pod system, you know that there are certain things that you have to stay on top of at all time. One thing is the life of your battery, as a dead battery means the end of your vaping experience. You also have to make sure you have extra e-liquid at all times so that you never run out.

But another important thing that’s often overlooked is having spare pod cartridges. Companies sell replacement pods which go with their pod systems so that users can always stock up on spare cartridges, as these cartridges aren’t designed to last forever.

What Are Replacement Pods?
Open pod systems utilize refillable pod cartridges that have a juice capacity and a coil. Like any vape coil, a pod cartridge coil can only last for so long before it burns out. Once this happens, the user must use a new pod cartridge.

Replacement pods are empty pod cartridges that are meant to replace a pod cartridge that has a dead coil. The old pod cartridge is thrown out and the new one is used in its place. This one has a fresh coil that can last for quite a while.

Replacement pods are made by every hardware brand, but it’s important to note that you can only use the replacement pods that were designed by the manufacturer to be used with your specific pod system.

Also, we have to point out that replacement pod cartridges need to be switched out fairly often. Most vapers will find that they need to use a new cartridge every week or two weeks. They are good for a handful of refills before the coils eventually give out. Once a coil is no longer working properly, you’ll get a poor-tasting vape and disappointing vapor production.

Why Should You Always Have Replacement Pods Ready to Go?
As you’ll now see, they really come in handy.

Reason #1: You Wanna Try Another E-Liquid Flavor Quickly and Easily
One benefit to having multiple replacement pods on hand is that you can easily switch between flavors with minimal effort. Many vapers enjoy filling each replacement pod with a different e-liquid flavor. Then, they bring those pre-filled pods with them wherever they go. When they start to crave a new flavor, they simply remove the cartridge that’s installed into their device and put a new one in its place.

Reason #2: Your Coil Went Out Suddenly
Sometimes, we’re not as on top of our coils as we should be. Then, all of a sudden, our hits are weak, and the flavor tastes burnt and unpleasant. When you’re in that situation, the only thing that can let you get back to having an enjoyable vape is switching out the old pod for a new one. And, if you don’t have a replacement pod on hand, you’re basically out of luck.

Reason #3: You Accidentally Dropped Your Pod Cartridge
Accidents happen. Sometimes, when we go to refill our pod cartridge, we drop it somewhere and can’t retrieve it. After all, those things are pretty small and easy to lose. Having replacement pods ensures that even if you lose one, you can always just grab another.

Replacement Pods Aren’t Just Convenient – They’re Essential!
As you can see, there are several ways in which they are extremely useful. The next time you go to stock up on more e-liquid, make sure to grab some replacement pods as well. After all, you’re going to have to buy more eventually anyway, so why not always make sure that you have several extra on hand?