2023 Vaping Refresher: Do Your Vape Batteries Have The Cleanest Connections Possible?

Regarding how to properly maintain your box mod, pod mod, or portable vaporizer, your battery connections must be paid close attention to, just like you would with other components of your device. There are a lot of occasions where the battery connections of a system are simply neglected. When this occurs, the quick accumulation of dirt and e-juice gunk build over time. Plus, once these battery connections get dirty, a various issues affecting your vape sessions can arise.

Fortunately, maintaining the battery connections of your device can be accomplished in a clean manner, as the process is actually extremely a quick and easy one. In fact, by regularly cleaning these connections, you will savor a satisfying vape indeed.

Why Do Clean Battery Connections Matter Anyways?
Battery connections allow the vape battery to give the unit power. When these connections are dirty, they lose their ability to receive power from the battery, thus resulting in a poorly operating system.

An initial sign of dirty battery connections is low vapor production. Due to the vaping device not receiving enough battery power, it just can't achieve that desired output. Now, when the battery connections become too dirty, your device can stop working altogether.

Occasionally, dirty battery connections can become a safety issue. In rare cases, a battery can explode if the connections are covered in too much gunk and juice. Why? Well, because the battery goes into overdrive to power the unit, causing overheating as a result. Batteries that’re overheated can combust due to excessive internal pressure.

How Do Battery Connections Get Dirty?
One of the most common reasons why your battery connections are dirty has to do with your e-liquid. Over a certain amount of time, tiny amounts of liquid leak from the tank, dripping all the way down the chassis of your device. So, e-juice can seep into the battery compartment and touch down on your battery connections. When the device is powered, the vape juice essentially cooks, leaving behind a sticky film.

Also, if you tend to keep your vaping device in your pocket or purse, it can accumulate dirt. Not to mention, touching your battery connections frequently can allow them to get coated in the grease and dirt that's on your hands.

Keep Your Battery Connections Clean: What You Need to Know!
Basically, you must make a habit of cleaning your battery connections on a weekly basis, at minimum. You see, the more frequently you clean your connections, the less hard you'll have to work each time.

So, a quite popular method for cleaning your battery connections is dipping a cotton swab into some rubbing alcohol, and then gently rubbing the cotton swab against each connection. The alcohol can break up any gunk that has accumulated over time.

There are also some methods to prevent your battery connections from getting excessively dirty. Like, for one thing, ensuring your vape tank doesn't leak by changing coils regularly and filling the tank's well only to the maximum fill line. Also, as we sorta mentioned a bit earlier, avoid touching the battery connections with your fingers.