2023 Coil Question: Large or Small Vape Coils

Anyone who is just getting into vaping knows that when it comes to coils, there are a lot of decisions to make. The type of wire, wick size, and resistance level all have an impact when it comes to determining the many aspects of a vape session.

Now, one factor that’s rarely considered is the size of the coil. When we talk about the size of a coil, we’re referring mostly to its diameter, although coils can vary slightly in length as well. However, length isn’t nearly as important as diameter, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on today. As you’ll see, the diameter of your coil can make a dramatic impact on things like flavor and cloud production.

It’s important to note that this guide applies to both DIY vapers who build their own coils and vapers who stick to pre-made coils.

If you’re a DIY vaper, you can use this knowledge when building your next configurations.

If you’re a standard vaper, you can be a more discerning shopper by knowing exactly what to get.

Large vs. Small Coils: What’s the Difference?
Whether you go with a large or small coil is your call. What matters is that you stay open to trying new diameters in order to find your unique sweet spot. Vaping is all about experimenting, after all, as you will soon find out here.

It’s All About That Diameter
Most standard vape coils are about 2mm in diameter. This allows them to fit securely in the tank and provide a good balance between vapor production and flavor. You see, the diameter of the coil structure determines how much juice can flow between the wick and the exterior. This directly impacts how much juice your coil’s wick can absorb as well as the heating surface area that turns the e-liquid into vapor.

-Large coils are anything above 2mm.

-Small coils tend to refer to coils that are 2mm or below.

Most vapers who prefer large coils stick with a diameter between 2.5 and 3mm.

Large Coils: Pros and Cons
An influx of DIY vapers are opting for large diameters. Why? Because the majority of DIY vapers these days are cloud-chasers, so in that sense, they want to build a coil that will produce the largest, thickest clouds of vapor.

Wider diameters are conducive to cloud-chasing because they allow for more e-liquid to enter the wick. The more saturated a wick is with vape juice, the more vapor will be produced when you fire your device. This means that your clouds will be extremely big and very dense.

Larger diameters also produce vapor that feels cooler as it enters the mouth. Many vapers enjoy this, but some prefer warmer clouds.

One drawback is that the wider the diameter of the coil, the less bold the flavor of the e-liquid. If you’re someone who wants to have an even balance between flavor and cloud production, you might want to stick with something around the 2mm range.

Small Coils: Pros & Cons
Essentially, the narrower the diameter of your coil, the more intense the flavor will be. This is because of the way in which the coil heats the e-liquid. With less space to absorb vape juice, the flavor becomes much more concentrated. That’s because just a small amount of e-liquid can get into the wick at a time, which intensifies the taste of the vape juice.

Smaller coils also produce warmer vapor, which is appealing to many vapers. However, don’t expect astounding cloud production. The tighter the coil, the less e-liquid can saturate it. Therefore, you’ll only be able to get so much vapor per hit when you take a puff.

Which One is Right for Your Setup?
Clearly, larger coils produce cooler, more abundant vapor while smaller coils give you a strong flavor and a warmer draw. So, use that as your general guide when choosing a coil to build or purchase.

But, as for the exact diameter down to the milliliter? That’s completely up to you. Like all things with vaping, choosing the right diameter is a matter of trial and error. If you’re a DIY coil builder, you can easily explore different configurations without spending too much money. If you’re not a DIY vaper, you’ll have to invest in packs of coils in different diameters while figuring out what you like best.

Remember that vaping is all about finding your sweet spot. Someone may feel that 2.5mm is the ideal coil diameter, but for you, it’s just not cutting it. The exploration process is part of the fun, so don’t get frustrated if it takes a while to figure out what works for you. Again, always be open to trying out new things in order to discover new vaping attributes that you didn’t know you enjoyed.