Using a vape pen has been one of the most popular means of consuming a variety of materials, be it wax, dried herbs, and oils. Compared to traditional means of consumption, using a vape pen offers benefits that are undeniably beneficial drawing the interest of many. But before you jump into the bandwagon, take a look of the 15 things you should consider when buying a vape pen.

1.What type of Vape Pen
One of the first things you should consider is the type of vape pen you will need. There are a lot of vapes you can choose from depending on the material you will be consuming. You have your dry herb vaporizers, wax pens or dab pens, you also have your oil pens. Identifying what vape pen you want can help narrow down your search.

2.Vape Temperature Matters
Vape pens have different temperature settings. The basic vape pen will have a single heat setting that can vaporize your materials at a constant temperature level. Advanced vape pens will have either a variable voltage setting or a precision temperature setting. Variable voltage pens will give you the options of using a low, medium, or high temperature profile while precision vaporizers will let you adjust the temperature setting in small increments.

3.Vape Battery is Important
Battery is also imperative when selecting a vape pen. The battery determines how long the vape pen will stay up in between charges. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the vaporizer will stay on before it needs to be plugged again. Also, some batteries are removable while others are built-in or integrated. A built-in vape battery cannot be removed but will be more durable while a removable battery allows you to swap them at the cost of the probability of breaking small components in your vaporizer if you are not careful.

4.Consider Vaping Heating Technology
Different vaporizers use different means of heating. More expensive ones, especially those used for dry herbs, will typically have a convection heater. Convection heaters use hot air to vaporize your materials which usually results in better and cleaner vapors. On the other hand, more affordable vape pens and those used for wax concentrates will generally use conduction heating. Conduction uses the heat coming directly from a heating element like a coil or an atomizer. And while they offer faster heating, they are usually prone to combustion.

5.Go with a Solid Vape Brand
It goes without saying that a company invests a lot of money to build a brand. That said, a vape pen made with a company known for the quality of their products will not do anything to damage the name they worked so hard to put on the map. Buying from well-known brands is not patronizing, it only means you are putting your money in a trusted name. However, there are companies that offer good quality products without the premium price tag. Make sure to check reviews and customer feedback before buying a vape pen from a newer brand.

6.Multi-purpose Vape or Single Use
Some vape pens are for single use which means that it can only be used with either wax concentrates or dry herbs. These types of vaporizers are the ones that usually work better because they are optimized to vaporize only one type of material. However, if you are a fan of both wax and dry herbs, you can opt to go with a vape pen that can accommodate both. And while they usually offer average effects, they give you the benefits of two vaporizers for the price of one.

7.How Portable and Compact
It is given that vape pens are small and compact, but how small do you really want to be? Remember that when you go for a smaller device, you sacrifice some of its features including battery life, chamber capacity, and heating ability. However, you get utmost portability so you can take your vape pen almost anywhere you go.

8.Design or Discretion
Some vape pens have designs that are eye-catching and are befitting of a collector’s shelf. These types of vape pens are usually collaboration pieces from manufacturers and artists they support. However if you are not the type to be loud and proud, you can opt for a vape pen that has a more discreet appearance. Choose colorways that are black, grey, or white and finishes that are flat or matte.

9.Check the Warranty
It makes sense to check the warranty of a vape pen before buying. Some companies offer limited warranties while others cover a lifetime. Make sure to read the fine print or watch video reviews of the vape pen you are eyeing that tackles warranty and claims before you splash the cash. Investing in a vape pen that offers a long warranty gives you a sense of security that you can get support when it starts acting up.

10.Maintenance is Paramount
Regardless of the type, size, and temperature flexibility of the vape pen, you will have to maintain it. That means you need to clean it after using and when you are putting it up for storage. Check if the vape pen that you want can easily be assembled and stripped down. Magnets are always a good sign as they make cleaning easy and convenient. Threaded vape pens mean parts will not get knocked out, but they are hard to clean.

11.Vape Parts Availability
When you use a vape pen, parts are bound to wear out. First will be the atomizer and after long use, the battery. Make sure to go with a vape pen that sells many replacement parts so you can easily replace them should the need arise.

12.Ease of Use
Not all vapes are made equal. Some are carefully thought out of while others value aesthetic more than user experience. Depending on your preference, you can use a vaporizer that is easy to use over one that looks better. Vape pens that have single heat settings will be easier to work with as it will usually have one button. Vaporizers that have adjustable temperature settings will require more buttons for the added feature which could mean longer learning curves.

13.After Sales Vape Support
Some vaporizer companies do not reply after making a sale while others continue their service even after the device has been fully paid. Consider going with a company with strong after sales support as they can help you with many things like troubleshooting.

14.Vaporizer Build Quality
Always check build quality, this will tell you how long you can use your vape pen as devices build with cheaper materials will usually wear out faster than those that use high-quality components. Things like ceramic chambers, aluminum bodies, glass mouthpieces, are things you should be looking out for.

15.Buy from a Respected Seller
Lastly, get your vape pen from a respected seller. Some companies do not have direct retail outlets as they can be located from overseas.
You should always treat buying a vape pen like buying any other investment. You should make informed decisions to make the most out of the money you are spending. That said, let this be a guide to you when buying your vape pen, whether it is the first or just to add to your collection.