13 Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Have you ever had a leaking vape tank?

If so, you’re not alone…

Leaking tanks are one of the banes of my existence.

It’s not like it really does much harm.

After all, you can just clean it up and get on with your day.

But it’s still one of those annoyances that seems to amplify the longer it’s there, like the constant patter of a dripping tap.

Thankfully, for most tanks, you can fix (or at least reduce) problems with leaking pretty easily, so here are 14 tips for stopping your vape tank from leaking!

1 – Make Sure You Fill Your Tank Up Properly

2 – Tighten Everything Up – and Watch Out for Cross-Threading

3 – …But Don’t Over-Tighten

4 – Leave the Tank Standing Up

5 – Use the Correct Coils for the E-Liquid To Reduce Leaking

6 – Check Your O-Rings and Replace Them if Needed

7 – Adding Extra Seals for the Aspire Triton and Nautilus

8 – Increase Your Power Setting

9 – Add Extra Wicking Material

10 – Switch to Higher-VG Juices

11 – Inhale Slowly and Softly, Not Firmly and Sharply

12 – Minimise Condensation with Long Draws

13: Choose a Leak Resistant Vape Tank