10 Top Tips for Improving Vape Flavour

For some vapers it’s all about the clouds! But for others, creating dense fog isn’t important, it’s definitely the flavour that counts.

If you cherish the taste of your e liquids and would like to maximise your enjoyment of your juice, you are not alone.

Here’s our ten top tips for ensuring that you benefit from pure and intense flavour with every puff.

1.Keep your kit clean
Fresh coils, clean wicking and a pristine tank will give you the best flavour. You wouldn’t tuck into bangers and mash and then load the same plate with apple pie, would you? So, why would you fill your tank with Heisenberg and then top up with Cherry Bakewell?

It’s best to rinse your coil and tank before vaping a different flavour. Rinsing your coil will give you purer flavour and will also prolong the useful life of the coil. Just remember that you will need to allow around 24 hours for it to dry out before you can reinstall it.

2.Choose the right coil
In general, mouth to lung (MTL) coils deliver more intense flavour than sub ohm coils. This is because most sub ohm coils boast larger bores which allow for greater airflow. Sub ohm coils are designed to maximise vapour, not flavour. If you are looking for a sub ohm kit, seek out one that also supports MTL vaping such as the Aspire Tigon. This type of device is more likely to be compatible with coils that have small bores.

3.Check you wire and wicking
It isn’t only the bore of your coil that could impact flavour. The wire that the coil is fashioned from could also be an issue. Most MTL coils are made from Kanthal which produces clean flavour. But if you use a temperature control device such as the VooPoo Argus GT, it could be compatible with nickel (Ni), titanium (Ti) and/or stainless steel (SS) coils. Like kanthal, nickel produces clean flavour. However, Ti and SS coils may give you a slightly metallic taste.

Your wicking material is also important. Most coils now feature Japanese organic cotton wicking which is generally the best wicking material for flavour. If you move on to building your own coils, you could choose Cotton Bacon wicking. Cotton Bacon is 100% medical grade cotton and was developed specifically for vaping. It is ideal if you are seeking both pure flavour and significant vapour.

4.Reduce your airflow
When you increase the air that passes through your coil, you will enhance vapour production but reduce flavour intensity. If your kit enables you to adjust your airflow, reduce it and you will experience a warmer hit with a stronger taste. Take care when adjusting the airflow on higher wattage devices with coils that have wide bores. Minimising airflow with that type of set-up could result in harsh hits and vapour that is too hot.

5.Adjust your settings
Flavours will vary in the way they react to the set-up of your device. This is because the flavourings that are added to e liquids vaporize at different temperatures. If you can adjust the settings of your device, it is worth experimenting to find the sweet spots of your favourite e liquids. It’s the temperature that your coil reaches that makes all the difference. With both variable wattage and temperature control modes, start with a lower setting and then increase it until you find the ideal set-up for your juice. You should then record the best settings for each flavour so you don’t forget!

6.Experiment with your VG/PG ratio
E liquids feature both vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). PG does not impact flavour while VG can slightly alter flavour. The conventional advice would be that if flavour is your priority, high PG e liquids are the way to go. However, VG improves vapour production and the more vapour you inhale the more the flavour could come through. Your results will vary according to your device and so it is worth exploring different VG/PG ratios to see what works best.

It’s important to note that MTL coils are not suited to e liquids that are more than 50% VG. Sub ohm coils are best suited to e liquids that are at least 60% VG.

7.Think about your drip tip
It might surprise you to hear that your drip tip (mouthpiece) could impact the intensity of the flavour that you experience. Drip tips with wide bores will minimise flavour and so if you are not satisfied with the strength of flavour that you are getting from your juice, try switching to a drip tip with a narrower bore.

8.Take care of your juice
E liquids can degrade if not stored correctly and this is issue particularly affects e liquids that contain nicotine. Keep your juice bottles in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. It could also be the case that your juice would benefit from steeping. This is the process of leaving your juice untouched for a few days and periodically shaking the bottle. Most e liquids are steeped by the manufacturer prior to despatch but it is always worth steeping your juice for a little longer before vaping it.

9.Try salt nicotine
The nicotine that features in e liquids may be freebase nicotine or salt nicotine. Freebase nicotine can impact flavour, but salt nicotine will not. If you are unhappy with your flavour, try a nic salt version of the same flavour or a similar blend. You  might find our guide to salt nicotine useful, if you haven’t tried nic salt flavours before.

10.Avoid vaper’s tongue
You could find yourself suffering from what is generally known as “vaper’s tongue”. This is a form of flavour fatigue that has a variety of causes. But the most common reason for a case of vaper’s tongue is vaping the same flavour or similar flavours over an extended period. The flavour you experience will appear to be diminished. This issue can often be addressed by switching to a completely different flavour, at least for a while.

There is much you can do to ensure that you optimise the taste of your e liquids. But you could find that the flavour you have chosen simply doesn’t suit your taste buds or the set-up of your device. With so many amazing flavours to choose from, it’s a good idea to try several different options anyway. After all, how can you know which e liquids are your favourites until you have sampled a selection? You might be surprised by what works best for you.