Uwell Tripod Review – A Good Kit for 3 Flavors

The new Tripod was upgraded from the Marsupod, which came with a device, a pod and a portable charging case. Now Uwell upgraded it with a device, a portable charging case and 3 empty pods! The device is 370mAh in battery capacity, and 2ml capacity for the pod, while the charging case is 1000mAh in battery capacity. Let’s get started with the Uwell Tripod review!

Design & Quality
The Tripod comes in fairly nice packaging for such an inexpensive device. Everything is OK inside the box. The charging case is able to hold a full kit and 2 spare pods, so it will be very convenient to carry the full device out when travelling. No rattling when everything inside the case, and you may find it is not easy to pull the pods out of the case.

The pod device itself is very small and at first I didn’t really expect much from it as far as performance. There is not a charging port on the device itself, only on the case. There are three contacts on the bottom of the device that match up with three connection points inside the charging case. There isn’t a button, display, or anything on the device besides an indicator light on one side that lights up when you take a draw to indicate the battery level. The indicator shows green when the device is more than 60% charged, blue when it is between 20% and 60%, and red when it is below 20%.

The Tripod kit is draw activated, tiny and very easy to use. The flavor of the 1.2ohm pod is great, a true MTL pod.

The 370mAh device battery is not enough for whole day long vaping, so better to carry the charging case together if you are going outside. The charging case may give you 2 fully charges or a bit more.

The pod filling is easy and each pod is able to survive for 5-7 refills before there is a clear flavor drop.

The LED battery level indicator on the device and charging case will tell you when to charge the kit.

3 pods means you can take 3 different flavored e-liquid at the same time without bring 3 bottles!

Unfortunately, I noticed some bad leaking issues when the filled pod was put inside the case. 3 pods – 1 leaks badly and 2 are no leaking.

Uwell Tripod Review Pros
§3 Pods in a kit
§Flavor is great, a true MTL pod
§Easy to use
§Battery level indicator

Uwell Tripod Review Cons
§Leaking problem