How You Can Keep Your Vape Juice Fresh & Flavourful Longer

Have you ever grabbed a bottle of vape juice from your collection at home only to realise it’s gone bad? You may have found the liquid has turned a darker colour, the flavour is off, or it just doesn’t seem to be providing the usual nicotine hit. This can be very frustrating, especially if your favourite e-juice NZ flavour has to end up in the bin! Luckily, a few simple tips and tricks can help to keep your e-juice fresh and flavourful for longer.

1. Avoid heat, light, and air
When stored correctly, e-liquid can last for up to two years. To achieve this lifespan, you need to store your bottles away from heat and light and avoid contact between the liquid and air. When e-juice is subject to heat and light, the molecules in the liquid start to change. This can result in less nicotine as the molecules evaporate, as well as a change in flavour. When air mixes with your e-juice, this causes oxidisation. You’ll know if your e-juice has oxidised, as it will be a darker colour than when it was fresh. While oxidisation isn’t a huge problem at first, it can cause your e-juice to become stale over time.

To avoid heat, light, and air, it is best to store e-juice in a cool, dark cupboard or drawer.

2. Choose the right container
When storing e-liquid, you want to make sure it’s in a container that is the right size and material. For short-term storage, a plastic bottle is fine. When storing for more than a few weeks, however, you want to use a glass bottle, as plastic can degrade the liquid over time. You also want to look for a glass container that has a dark tint which will stop light from affecting the e-juice.

When choosing the size of your bottle, you want to make sure the e-liquid fills most of it so there is as little air in the bottle as possible. If you have used up part of a bottle and want to store the rest of the e-juice, either squeeze out the air before putting the cap on or transfer the liquid to a smaller container. Having too much air in the bottle means more chance of oxidisation.

3. Refrigerate with caution
The fridge seems to be an obvious place for storing ingredients and keeping them fresh for longer. With e-liquid, however, this isn’t the case. E-liquids generally have an oily base that changes texture when stored in the fridge. Storage in the fridge can lead to condensation inside the bottle, which can induce bacterial growth instead of stopping it! Also, if your fridge is constantly being opened and closed, the light could affect the quality of the e-liquid.

4. Flavours and storage
If you like to purchase different flavours and bases to mix yourself, remember not to mix and store. Each ingredient will keep much better if it is stored in its pure form, especially since air can get trapped in the bottle when mixing yourself. The best idea is to store everything separately and mix up a bottle when you are ready to use it. If you are planning to stock up on your favourite e-juice, consider your flavours carefully! Some people find that menthol and tobacco flavour e-liquid last longer in storage than fruity flavours.

5. Give the liquid a mix every now and then
If you are planning to bulk buy and store long-term, it’s a good idea to give the bottles a little shake every few weeks to make sure the ingredients are not separating. Be careful not to over shake though, as this can lead to oxidisation. You just want to give the bottle enough of a swirl to make sure everything is staying together, so the e-juice remains in peak condition.