Vaping has become one of the most enjoyable casual pastimes for both ex-smokers and non-smokers alike. Between the big billowing clouds and the delicious selection of e-juice flavors, almost everyone who has their own e-cig kit delights in finding new and interesting places to vape. You have probably already put together a number of places you can enjoy your vape around your daily routine. During your morning dog walk, in the car on your daily commute, with friends at a local vape-friendly bar, and so on. But what about enjoying your vape when you travel?

Whether you are taking a vacation, business trip, or going home for the holidays, the patchwork state laws and venue rules can make it surprisingly challenging to enjoy your vape on the road or in an unfamiliar neighborhood. If you go about your trip planning in a haphazard way, there's a good chance it will feel like your vape is being rejected at every turn. But we know the secrets. We believe that you should be able to vape almost anywhere and we've figured out a few tricks to make sure your next travel experience will feature plenty of opportunities to enjoy your vape in style. And today, we're here to share these vape-pro techniques with you.

Every state approaches vaping a little differently. Some don't care and haven't made any laws regarding vape and some have demonized as 'worse than cigarettes'. Some have raised the smoking and/or vape age to 21 and some are fine with people vaping anywhere others don't mind. But the law is the law so make sure to do your research before you solidify your travel plans.

If you're going somewhere that legally dislikes vaping, then plan for it to be treated like an unwelcome smoking habit despite the good smell and lack harmful chemicals or yellow residue. You will probably have to limit your vaping to outdoors, especially if you don't want to personally live with the smell of the rare smoking-permitted indoor venues.

If you're going to a state that doesn't care or has limited vaping restrictions, then we can help you find the secret vape-friendly spots scattered in every city and county.

When booking your lodgings, you may be tempted to look around for vape-friendly hotels. Let us tell you that these are very few and far between, but Airbnb's and other vacation rentals are a different story. Like any private venue, the rules vary wildly but in general, Airbnb hosts care a lot more about smoking than vaping and they aren't frightened state-wide regulations on big businesses the way hotels are.
Many Airbnb's don't care at all if you vape inside, any more than they'd care if you diffused some essential oils. Another large selection make it clear that they'd prefer that you only smoke or vaporize anything outdoors. But unlike hotels, Airbnbs that say "only smokeape outside" almost always have a beautiful and well-appointed porch or balcony for you to enjoy your vape.
If you do have to stay in a hotel for logistical reasons, there are a few ways to make your vaping more convenient. For lower-end hotels, you may be able to vape in the rooms as long as you keep the AC and bathroom fan running so that there is no predominant lingering smell. However, for nicer hotels, you will need to do some planning.
First, look for hotels that are vape-friendly. Those that allow vaping in the lobby or have designated smoking/aping areas. These hotels will also be more likely to be lenient about smoking on the grounds or anywhere outdoors you can find that doesn't bother other guests. Then, if you're willing, try to book a room with a balcony. No matter how small the balcony is, it is likely to comply with the hotel's desires that you not smoke 'in the room'. And if you really want to be sure, call ahead to make sure your vaping plan will be acceptable before confirming and paying for your booking.
Of course, you won't want to go back to your hotel every time you desire a delicious puff and, with good planning, you won't have to. In states that have not gone completely anti-vape, you can find a few venues in every city that allow vaping either indoors or in a designated area. This includes parks and gardens, theme parks, bars, nightclubs, and even restaurants. By planning your trip carefully and making reservations with vape-friendly venues, there's a good chance you can enjoy your vape all vacation long without some snooty wait staff telling you to put it away.
The key here is to call ahead. Vape policies are almost never listed on websites or made public, but there are ways to find out. Bars and nightclubs that once allowed smoking (or even currently allow smoking) are more likely to be vape-friendly. The same goes for any venue with outdoor areas for patio dining or open-air socialization. When you've found a place that might be great for your travel itinerary, call ahead and confirm that vaping is permitted in the venue or in designated venue areas.
For any trip longer than a weekend, we suggest putting together a list of places you might go that allow vaping as well as scheduling your dinner or evening activities in vape-friendly places. This gives you planning flexibility in addition to a few guaranteed good meals where you can vape at the table or eat at a vape-friendly bar.
Theme parks and gardens are great destinations if you're going to visit relatives or spend time with children where a list of vape-friendly nightclubs will serve you well if you plan to spend time with wild friends during your trip. If you're traveling for business or to see older relatives, put together a list of vape-friendly restaurants to suggest when it's time to go out together.
Finally, knowing that this article is releasing around the holidays, remember that private homes are always a safe place to vape. Even in anti-vape states, people are still allowed to vape in their own homes, backyards, and generally while walking around private neighborhoods. If you are traveling to visit friends or relatives in their private homes, be sure to talk to them about where they'll be comfortable with you vaping. 
Expect to be asked to vape on the front or back porch and use this as an opportunity to show off how pleasant-smelling and not-like-smoke your vape is when relatives come out to join you in the cool evening air. Some friends and relatives won't even mind if you vape indoors as long as they like the flavor you're vaping.
Traveling away from your home and favorite vaping spots doesn't have to mean leaving your vape at home or hiding it from the world. There are plenty of places to vape on your travels, especially if you know how to call ahead and plan your itinerary around vape-friendly venues. If you'd like more clever tips and tricks for vaping at home or on the road, we are here to provide.