How Often to Change Vape Coil

How Often to Change Vape Coil: Watch Out for These Dead Giveaways

How often to change vape coil has to be one of the most commonly asked questions in vaping.

Unfortunately, the answer is not as straightforward as “After 3 days” or “A week”.
It all depends on several factors really.

Like your frequency of vaping, for example, which is the most obvious one. A person who uses their vaporiser 8-12 times a day will clearly need to swap their coils more regularly than the vaper who uses their vape device 6 times a week.

Another variable that will have a bearing on how often to change vape coil is the type of e-liquid you’re using at any one time.

Juices high in VG content (aka sub ohm e-liquids) tend to wear out coils faster than their PG-based alternatives; same case as juices loaded with artificial sweeteners.

Third, the power at which you vape at will also directly affect the life of your coils.

The logic here is fairly straightforward: the higher the wattage you set your device to, the faster your coils will degrade. This point applies more to variable wattage devices such as sub ohms that allow for wattage adjustment.

What’s more, your vaping habits will also impact on your coils. If you rarely clean your coils or practice regular e-cig maintenance, expect your coils to burn out faster.

You’ll get the same results if you engage in chain vaping.

How Often to Change Vape Coil: How to Tell Your Coil Needs Changing
Usually, when a vape coil has served its term, there are tell-tale signs it gives off to let you know a replacement is due.

Some of the most common signs to keep an eye out on are as discussed below.

1.The vape tastes burnt
A burnt vape is an issue every vaper has had to deal with at some point. It usually tends to befall beginner vapers mostly before they’ve understood what coil burning is and what to do to keep it at bay.

While there are several reasons why a vape may taste burnt, usually the root cause of the problem can be traced to the vape coil.

In the context of this article, what this means is that should you start experiencing a burnt taste in your vape, odds are your coil is up for a change.

You can’t miss the burnt taste as it’s often revolting – acrid to the point it can be retching.

2.Your vape tastes a bit “off”
A burnt taste in your vape is not the only weird taste to let you know a coil replacement should be in the offing.

While a bit more difficult to define, you’ll most likely be able to tell when your vape is tasting a bit strange, although this might come with experience.

Assuming you’re using the same e-liquid from brands you’re used to, when you encounter a favourite flavour tasting different from the usual and doesn’t hit the spot as it often does, odds are you need to swap your coil with a new one.

There are plenty of reasons why a vape might taste odd, two common ones being an unclean tank or a flavour swap resulting in aftertaste.

However, it could also be that your coil is old or dirty. In that case, you will need to replace and/or clean your coil respectively.

3.Your vaporiser is gurgling
Some e-cig devices are prone to gurgling, that’s no secret. Sometimes, though, it could be a harbinger for something else.

Perhaps it could be an underlying issue with your e-cig that needs addressing. Or a pitfall of using counterfeit vaping gear.

Or it could be something as simple as a flooded tank. Or a faulty coil. Or a coil not inserted properly, if you have just performed a coil change.

In the case of the latter, try unscrewing and properly reattaching the coil back on and see how the vaporiser behaves. If the issue persists, try with another coil and notice if there is any difference.

If nothing changes, and assuming your device just suddenly started behaving this way, there is a high likelihood that you have bad coils on your hands. We would advise to get in touch with your vendor or reach out to the manufacturer directly.

How Often to Change Vape Coil: Other Tell-tale Signs
In addition to the above signs, some other common instances that might necessitate a coil change include a leaking e-cig and lower than usual vapour production.

These are all signs that a coil is due for replacement. If you’re interested in a direct answer to the question, How often to change vape coil, just know this: a good coil should last you on average two weeks of regular usage.

That’s supposing everything is as should be and you’re observing regular e-cig maintenance.