Vape Batteries are the heart of every portable vaporizer. Not only does it supply the device the power needed to function, but it also dictates how long your vaporizer will stay up in between charges. That said, we must take good care of our vape batteries in order for our devices to last.

Today, we’ll look at the things you can do to make your vape batteries last longer.

Let’s start with one of the most common types of vaporizers, those with integrated batteries.

For vaporizers with integrated batteries:

1.Turn off your vaporizer when not in use 
One of the simplest and easiest things you can do to ensure your vape batteries last longer, especially in between charges, is to turn your vaporizer off when not in use. When your device is left powered on, your device goes on idle which still consumes battery. On that note, leaving your vaporizers on, whether you’re keeping it in your pocket or in your side table drawer, drains the battery unnecessarily.

2.Regularly use your battery
Letting your batteries sit unused for a long time can actually shorten its lifespan. That said, regularly using your vaporizer and vape batteries will ensure that you charge the batteries more often. Doing so will help you maximize its lifespan and keep it running in optimal condition. If you don’t vape frequently, simply just taking in a few hits from your vaporizer every once in a while, can help.

3.Avoid overcharging 
This is one of the most common causes of bloating and leaking in vape batteries. Although most of today’s modern vaporizers are outfitted with a full suite of protective features that help preserve battery life, leaving it plugged in can severely damage your battery and significantly reduce its lifespan. Make sure to check the charger or the vaporizer for icons or LED lights that signal you when the battery is charged. While it’s tempting to just leave your vape batteries plugged in overnight, it’s always safer to unplug it after it’s reached a full charge. Check your device’s instruction manual for directions.

4.Use its dedicated charger and charging cable 
When charging your vape batteries, it’s better to use the one given by the manufacturer. Charging adapters and charging cables supplied by the manufacturer follows the specifications and parameters that your battery is supposed to follow. Using a power brick with a higher capacity can damage the battery due to increased power delivery. While it’s always convenient to use the same charger and charging cable you use on your phone, using the dedicated parts and accessories on a vape battery will ensure preserved longevity.

5.Fully charge batteries before storage 
Leaving your vape batteries partially charged before storage increases its chance of losing power completely. When vape batteries get drained, it makes them work harder to reach a full charge. Frequent discharge and recharge cycles can damage a battery.

6.Store batteries in a cool and dry place
Be mindful of where you store your batteries. Leaving your vape batteries inside your car on a hot day will have a significant impact on its health. In the same way, storing it in a frigid room will have a negative effect on its lifespan. Keep them in a cool room away from moisture. Moisture can enter the vape battery and corrode its sensitive components. This can weaken the overall integrity of the battery and reduce its lifespan. 

7.Avoid tampering the integrated battery
Vape batteries are designed integrated with the device for a reason. This can be to strengthen the vaporizer’s body, or to minimize moving components. Just don’t play around the integrated batteries unless you know what you’re doing. 
For vaporizers with removable batteries: 

8.Clean your batteries
If your vaporizer has removable batteries, chances are, you have spare vape batteries you swap with when you’re out and about. Make sure to clean the batteries as pocket lint and dirt can get into the contacts which may weaken the battery’s connection. This causes the batteries to work harder which reduces its lifespan.

9.Replace plastic wrap
It’s bound to happen, plastic wraps can get damaged and the metal parts of the batteries can get exposed just like dry herb vaporizers. Make sure to check for any signs of damage on the plastic wrap and replace them accordingly. Exposed metal parts and contacts can be a cause of a short which effectively renders the battery useless.


10.Use a battery container when traveling with a battery
When you travel with a replaceable battery in your pockets, they may come into contact with each other creating a complete circuit. This can either drain some of the battery’s stored power or cause a short. Using battery containers does not only prevent that from happening but also minimizes scratches and damages that can occur to the plastic wraps. Battery containers allow you to travel with your batteries safely whether you’re simply walking around town on a weekend or going on a camping trip in the woods.

11.Do not keep vape batteries in pocket with coins and keys 
In the same way, metal objects that conduct electricity like coins and keys can create a circuit that can short the battery. Do not store your vape batteries together with conductive objects whether in your pocket, your bag, or in your purse. 

12.Avoid mixing batteries
Some vaporizers have dual vape batteries that give it more power and extended longevity. When in a hurry, it’s always tempting to just slap in whatever battery you can grab and slide it in the device. Be mindful of the batteries as mixing older batteries with new ones can make the other work harder and reduce its lifespan. Label the batteries if you’re using them in pairs so you don’t get them mixed up.

13.Be mindful of polarity 
Another thing that can easily be missed is your battery’s polarity, that’s the “+” and the “-” if you’re not sure of what it is. For devices that use removable vape batteries running on a parallel connection, incorrectly installing your batteries can cause irreversible damage and even injury. 

14.Rotate your batteries 
As we’ve mentioned earlier, consumers who have vaporizers with replaceable batteries typically have spares with them. If you have more than one set of batteries, make sure to rotate them regularly and do not reserve one for emergencies and use one on the daily. Make sure to use your batteries regularly to make sure that all batteries are cycled properly.

15.Remove the atomizer
Another good tip whether you use a vaporizer with integrated vape batteries or one with removable vape pen batteries is to remove the cart, atomizer, or heating element when not in use. The atomizer, cartridge, or coil completes the cycle in the battery and slowly drains it in the process.

So, that’s it. Just some of the basic practices you can do to ensure a longer battery and improved lifespan. Whether you’re using a vaporizer that allows you to remove the battery or one that keeps it in, make sure to follow these simple and easy tips for a better experience.